Having a Pinterest contest is a great way to get the buzz, spread awareness, and get email subscribers. In fact, almost any goal that you have for your contest can be realized if you know how to do it right. Just follow these ten tips.

1. Determine Your Goals: Never do anything without knowing what the goal is of your contest. Is it to get more subscribers? To announce a product launch, or something else? Write down all your goals before you get started.

2. Decide What Type of Contest You’ll Have: Are you having a contest to get more followers, feedback, traffic, or something else? Whatever it is you’ll need to choose the right type.

3. Follow the Rules: Read all the rules about contests on Pinterest (which change periodically) to be sure you don’t break them. Follow the rules to the letter.

4. Eliminate Boundaries to Entry: Don’t ask for too much information for the entry. A name and email address should do it if your prize is digital. If you ask for too much information, you’ll create a lot of barriers. You can almost get more information from your entries later.

5. Choose an Awesome Targeted Prize: When you choose a prize it’s imperative that it is targeted toward your audience so that you don’t attract people outside of it. For example, if you offer cash or electronics many people from all over the world will enter with no intention of buying from you ever. But if the prize is something only your targeted audience wants, such as your free products or free services, then your entries will be more targeted.

6. Ask for Repins and Shares: When you have a contest, ask all people who see it or enter it to repin and share. The more it’s shared and the more buzz it gets, the more will enter it.

7. Ask You Contestants to Participate: They should create boards for your contest that enable people to enter it from their profiles instead of just yours. The more people who recreate it, the more entries you’ll get.

8. Cross-Promote Everywhere: Promote on your blog, email, other social media accounts as much as possible. The more you tell people about it, the more will enter. Send out a press release too.

9. Make Your Contest Pretty: The graphics for your contest should be very beautiful and a notch above anything else you have created. The more beautiful it is, the more entries you’ll get.

10. Your Contest Should Be Mobile Friendly: Of course, people should be able to look at your contest and join it using their mobile device.


Contests are a great way to launch a new product, build an email list, and expand brand awareness. The right contest can go viral and make a huge difference in your business almost overnight. Plan it out in advance, ensure that you can deliver on your promises and follow all the rules of having contests on Pinterest to ensure that everything is above board.