Social media sites are not only used for socializing these days. Within a few years since the inception of social networking websites, online marketers found a goldmine and plenty of opportunities in these resources. Today, almost every business is striving to incorporate social media sites into its online marketing strategies. Read on and find out about the best social media sites for the business that you can use and exploit to the hilt, to boost the visibility of your business.


Few things do not need an introduction, and Facebook is one of them. One of the kings of social media websites, it allows you to create a page for your business for free and promote it at affordable costs. There is the scope to showcase your products and services and provide your followers with constant updates regarding upcoming events and offerings. With ads, you can further boost your brand visibility on Facebook and reach out to highly targeted user sections.


It is a social networking site for professionals and is highly prevalent in the corporate circle. There are different kinds of people on this website, which gives users an advantage as well as a disadvantage. Fortunately, there are tons of features which can compensate for the problems of this broad network. These include a very professional ambiance, a very user-friendly interface, and a job search feature.


It is another of the best social media sites for business, although its popularity is more in the overseas population than in the U.S. It is excellent for those entrepreneurs who wish to enjoy international networking with only a specific group of people online. If you have been looking for platforms to reach out to a particular group of users and convert them into potential leads, this is a resource that you should try.


This is a social networking website which resembles Facebook in many ways, and there are many different types of users to reach out to. However, Gather is more advantageous because it lets you find information and contacts more easily about those topics which are most interesting for you. It can be perfect for marketers who wish to network with people from particular interest areas.



If you wish to network with the objective of meeting with people in person, this is the site you should sign up with. This website takes social networking to a whole new level and attempts to eliminate the thin line between online and offline networking. It helps you to organize parties and events for all those who are in your network. The events are mainly focused on the major U.S cities. If you have a business in these areas or trying to establish one, NetParty should be the best option for you. It has been designed particularly for young professionals. If you have a type of business that caters to this group, it is worthwhile to organize your NetParty events and reach out to people in this section with your offerings.

5 Best Social Media Sites for Business

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