When it comes to real estate SEO, you are in a different ball game altogether. This is not your standard SEO, but a different game in the same turf. With standard SEO practices, you have to optimize websites in order to attract users one time and convert them into leads and them permanent clients. In real estate, SEO demands constant work given the fact that an average consumer does not make high-value purchases such as home buying every week. You have to keep working to attract new leads, and the following tips will help you in this regard.

Focus on Local SEO

With standard SEO, you have to only concentrate on broader keywords which are industry-specific. In real estate, you need to rank with the standard ones to generate the leads and also need to match the keywords in the specific locations where you want to put properties for sale or for rent. This only means you have to double up your SEO efforts.

Work on the content

The real estate market is a dynamic one and you need to generate new leads and bring new clients in. But you need more content for this purpose. There is a need for blogs which are more localized in form, and the content is more specific to the area with richer keywords. The sales copies have to more content-driven as compared to normal business websites. This is because you will have many listings and would have to attract an audience from a larger base. You require more location-specific content to cover these bases, and the task will be easier for you with a CMS (Content Management System).


Focus on the property pictures

Without pictures of properties, real estate listings are worthless. You will like to have an efficient server that allows your website to load fast and display all the images in a proper size. Put alt-text for all the images, with relevant keywords. The images have to put in logical arrangement and indexed with Google, Bing and other search engines. Although this is not difficult with around 10 listings, working on around 100 listings or more needs you to work quite a bit. But these real estate search engine optimization efforts can be worthwhile.

Use rich keyword tools

The core of a proper real estate SEO strategy involves understanding the types of keywords being searched in relation to the industry as well as the locality you are concentrating on. It is important to know about the top searched local keywords in the industry and how to use them. You can always find local keywords having proper search volume more preferable over keywords of a generic type as these are easier to compete over.


Get local links

While link building for your listings, try to get links from blogs and sites which are valuable in the local area and have a good reputation among consumers. Having back-links from these sources can make your real estate business look more reliable to property buyers, and let them rest assured about the legitimacy of your business.