Marketing involves promoting the services and products of a company and helping sell them in the market. Unlike earlier, you can find a number of marketing options today in the industry. The job of an Internet Marketing Coordinator is a lucrative one. This type of professional is responsible for developing the ad campaigns of a company on platforms like cell phones, websites or email. Such professionals perform different tasks and work in different kinds of industries. Read and know about the marketing job descriptions for an Internet Marketing Coordinator, if you are interested in the profession.


As an online marketing coordinator, you should be responsible for spreading a good word about the company and its varied services and products through the web. You have to supervise the development of marketing SMS alerts, websites and email newsletters, and make customers feel positive about every offering from the company. You have to look at the trends in the business and develop company slogans and logos with the help of HTML designs and graphics. You should know the demographic for a business, analyze the websites on which banner ads should be placed and completely understand Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Qualifications and Background

The majority of companies like to hire applicants who are at least marketing graduates and have a bachelor’s degree in the subject. You can study in areas like media marketing, web design, multimedia, writing, and communications. In some cases, online marketing coordinators are needed to work in different types of sales advertising or marketing before they venture into technological aspects concerned with marketing. Other than a bachelor’s degree in marketing from a college, you will need the experience to work with a team and have leadership qualities.


You need skills in technology as well as promotions, and a proper knowledge of how the two can be merged in order to make more income. You have to be an expert in communicating, given that coordinators are supposed to convey information effectually while on the job. It is important to have sufficient graphics and computer skills and well as the capacity to attract attention to items with an effective promotion. The last one is one of the basic skills highlighted in marketing job descriptions for internet marketing coordinators.


As an Internet Marketing Coordinator, you have to be energetic, analytical, extremely creative, organized and a problem-solver. You have to handle different projects and make sure that they are completed on time.

Job Prospects

There are lots of job opportunities expected to be there for marketing coordinators for at least the next 10 years, especially for those seeking work in the computerized and online marketing domain. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that marketing manager jobs are anticipated to rise by as much as 12% in the next decade.



For Internet Marketing Coordinators, salaries generally differ across companies on the basis of responsibilities and experience level. With continuous success in marketing products and services for different companies, some professionals can earn over 45,000 USD on an annual basis.