Making a successful career in marketing can undoubtedly be very profitable. Whether as a marketing specialist, marketing consultant or a marketing manager, the rewards can be excellent to consider. However, a good marketing job is often hard to come by these days and many professionals apply for a job only to find later that it is not suitable for them. Here are key things that you should note in a marketing job description.

Level of experience

The experience level indicated in the description is a pointer to the level of understanding of the domain of work demanded by the company. Even if you bag an interview, you might get rejected due to lesser experience in the field and lack of knowledge about marketing campaigns, tools, strategies and tactics. Although you can apply for a job that demands people with 5 – 6 experience having only 3 – 4 years of experience, it is important to understand you will have a slightly less competitive edge over other applicants for the same post.

Work requirements

You should keenly check out the requirements posted by the company, with regards to work. Note whether your skills and work experience actually match the job description. In your resume, you have to highlight the skills and training that is required by the company. You should customize your resume and tweak it slightly with more precedence to the things that are being looked for. Although this involves some work, the results can be worthwhile and you can get the job.

Skill level

Companies look for experienced people with the skills that they want. It is safer to assume that you will have to deliver from the very first day, and not expect you will have an induction period where you will get the necessary training and guidance. Although you can hope to get some pep talk, it is better not to rely on official training.

Types of projects

Most job descriptions mention the type of projects to be handled in only one or two lines, and you should check the official website of the company in order to get more information about the same. Check the types of marketing campaigns they look for, the advertising platforms they prefer and more in the marketing job description and beyond.


Salary package or compensation

Check whether the job comes with a good salary package or as much as you are looking for. Many companies shy away from writing about the salary package and simply state that the compensation is as per industry standards, or it is commensurate with the applicant profile. Try to do some online research and find out how much is offered for similar posts, in order to get an idea. Although you might settle for a lower salary than what you are presently drawing, due to a wish to gather necessary work experience in the company advertising the job, you will need to check the growth prospects at the firm. At the end of the day, settling for a lower compensation should pay you back in some way.

5 Key Things to Note in a Marketing Job Description