There are various kinds of online marketing strategies which are being constantly used by big and small businesses. These strategies have a lot of effect on online users and have found to yield a lot of benefits for online marketers and companies. It is essential for you to choose strategies which are suitable for your kind of business, and those which fit your budget. Although there are many types of marketing strategies that you can select from, there are quite a few which are known to yield the best results.

Link Exchanging

This is not very well-known as an online marketing strategy but is quite effective if done right. It involves the exchanging of links among different websites. You can request a relevant website to add your site link to it, and then reciprocate with its website link on your site. This is a useful method which can benefit both sites and can help you get more visitors to your site. It can also help improve your site rank on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Pay Per Click Ads

It is an easy and affordable method of online marketing, and you have to pay for every click that is made on your advertisements. You have to bid for the keywords and set a price for them. Once these particular keywords are looked up on the search engines, you will have your ads being displayed. The main advantage of online marketing is the fact that you need to pay only when someone clicks on your ad and not just when it is viewed. Many people have found this online advertising strategy to be very effectual and also affordably priced

Web Banners

It is another of the effectual types of marketing strategies online. You can buy ad space on various other sites, such as Ezine and other relevant websites, and make your web banners appear in the space. You have to make your ad as attractive as possible, which would appeal to visitors and make them click on the ad and visit your website.


E-newsletter marketing is another useful online marketing strategy, and it has been found to be extremely profitable for lots of marketers. You can get visitors to subscribe for emails and let you send them newsletters after regular time periods and provide them with special offers and updates that will allow you to get them back to your website as repeat visitors. You should remember to send your newsletters only to people who sign up for the service on your website.


Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one of the most effective marketing strategies used online and can assist you in marketing services as well as products. SEO strategies help you to properly optimize your website on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. You should have a proper understanding of SEO if you wish to effectively use this method. If you lack the knowledge, it is better to hire an SEO professional and get the job done.


5 Types of Marketing Strategies Proven to Work Online