If you have a friend or family member who works as a social media manager, you must have wondered what the job is all about at some time or the other. The curiosity must be a result of higher demand for the job and the increase in salary or compensation package for the profession. Studies reveal that a professional can make anywhere between 51 to 55K USD on an annual basis on an average. If that sounds good enough, know that the actual prospects can be much higher – given the right company and skills. Read on and know what are the 5 things involved in a social media manager job description.

Checking user behavior

As a social media manager, you need to monitor, track, analyze and manage the comments and posts of users on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other social sites. You will have to make responsible comments and answer positively to users’ queries. Reputation management is somewhat involved in the task, and you have to delete too negative, hurtful or vulgar comments from social media users. A lot of these comments can be the malicious handiwork of business rivals, to ruin the business prospects for the brand you are working for.

Developing proper strategies

Building successful promotional strategies is important for any company, and you have to be responsible for the same. You have to promote the services and products on different social websites, for raising brand awareness. You have to work with an online marketing team and a PR team for fulfilling the business objectives of your brand. A consistent brand message, along with the lines of the mission and vision of the company, has to be conveyed.

Building out of the box advertising campaigns

Creating innovative promotional campaigns for the brand is also part of a social media manager job description. You need to provide users with various interesting offers, access to exclusive content, contests and more. These can inspire them to follow the brand on different social networking websites, and recommend the products and services of the business to other users.

Check the brand performance

Part of your responsibility should be using various industry standards for checking the performance of the brand concerning other businesses, especially the closest competitors. You have to find out the gaps and find out ways to improve in those spheres. It is important to use varied tools and technologies and check different social media trends to find out ways to apply the strategies.


Suggest improvements in performance

As a responsible social media manager, you will be in charge of checking the results of the online promotional efforts on varied social media platforms. A periodic analysis of the different programs and strategies is essential to find out the areas of improvement. You have to convey your inferences to the marketing team and suggest ways to improve the business as well as the marketing tactics. Once the feedbacks are approved, you can tweak the campaign strategies and reach out to users in a better way.

Social Media Manager Job Description - 5 Requirements of the Profession