You must have heard the term “social media guru” sometime or the other, and wondered what it is all about? These days, the time is much used and abused, and the actual meaning is kind of lost – with many people being clueless about who it refers to. Anyone with a lot of followers and knowledge of the features of various social networking websites is referred to by this term – which is not the case. The name refers to a social media consulting expert who can assist you in marketing your products and services on social platforms in a proper way. Here are five key things to check while hiring such a professional.

Go for someone with lots of followers

A person who brands himself as an expert on social media needs to have many followers on social sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Check whether there are tons of listings in his name when you search for him on Google. If there are, he certainly knows the proper ways to use various social platforms to connect with users. However, this is not associated directly with their ability to market a service or product.

Check whether he has some other business

The purpose of being on social media is to gather leads and divert traffic to the primary market. You will be able to find many social consultants offering online marketing tips to start-ups and local businesses about gathering more leads and customers. But most of these professionals do not have any brick and mortar business. You can easily understand how much benefit you can get from a social media consultant having no activity of his own other than consulting services.

Get the proof of outcomes

In case a social media guru is trying to sell his SEO services to you, check whether his website is ranking well. Many so-called expert consultants do not have their websites anywhere close to the first Google search results page and hardly rank for any keyword. Unless they are successful in ranking web properties of their own, they will not be able to do any kind SEO for your websites or blogs either.

Conduct some background check

Before actually hiring a potential candidate, you should carry out some reference checks. You can check with the prior customers and employers of the expert to know about their experience with the professional. Reputed gurus will not have any issues in sharing such kinds of details with you. Check the qualifications, level of experience, types of works handled, success rate and other important things about the professional.


Check out real testimonials

It is a good idea to hire a consultant who can offer you real case-studies with video testimonials from previous clients. The testimonials should not sound scripted, and you should move on if they do. Some companies have got busted for fake testimonials by the FTC. You cannot hope to benefit in any way with a social media consulting expert who develops fake testimonials to bolster his image.

5 Things to Check While Hiring a Social Media Guru

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