Social media has revolutionized online marketing, and things are not the same anymore with giants like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn making their presence felt in internet marketing every minute of the day. A proper knowledge and understanding of social media are keys to success in internet marketing and giving businesses the much-needed push that it requires. With a course and certification in social networking, you can possess the skills and knowledge that are needed for a successful career. Find out about the top 5 social media courses which can help you bag very attractive jobs.

Online Community Manager

Developing a strong community is one of the basic things associated with social media marketing (SMM). Once you are able to create a community which is enthusiastic about a brand, whether of your own or that of your employer, you can get a loyal user base which can market the brand offerings word of mouth. This is a very powerful community but has to be built step by step over months and years. Due to this reason, online community managers are highly in demand among businesses. As an online community manager, you have to build a community and also communicate with users on social media. You need constant exploitation of your analytical and creative skills for this job.

Social Media Marketing Coordinator

Companies are increasingly striving to achieve growth through their social media accounts. With a course and certification as a social media marketing coordinator, you can coordinate the activities of various employees in your organization. This type, of course, provides you with training in a wide range of social media websites and tools, which can be very useful for you.

Social Media Strategist

This type of job has become more in demand these days with companies understanding the potential of content, whether videos, articles or images, going viral. Social Media Strategists are needed in all types of businesses. Online success for most brands generally needs the guidance of individuals who have the ability to coordinate a team which can create and market right kinds of content. Social media courses on Social Media Strategy can help you get the training and ability to coordinate teams.

SEO Specialist

Having the knowledge of SEO along with certification in social media will make you a very valuable employee, considering the fact that the impact of social media on the rankings of websites and blogs on search engines will only rise more and more with time. As an SEO specialist, you will have to analyze relevant SEO strategies for businesses and merge on-page SEO with off-page SEO on their social media accounts. Users can be directed from social media to websites and vice versa, thus helping to increase the visibility of both.


Social Media Marketing Manager

Lots of companies prefer to have one person who can manage their entire social media department as well as make sure that its activities are synchronized with sales and advertising and other departments. As a social media marketing manager, you will be responsible for heading entire teams and ensuring the online success of companies you will be working for.