Marketing is a big bad world and you need the right strategies and tactics in order to survive and do well in whatever industry you are in. These days, online marketing is crucial to the success of businesses, and having an online presence is also essential for success. Similar to offline marketing, you need proper tactics to promote your business and the products and services that you come with. Once you have developed your marketing objectives, you need to develop proper strategies to appeal to your niche consumer base. Here are a few examples of marketing strategies which would assist you in achieving your marketing objectives.

Create a strong product or service

Take a cue from the pages of Whatsapp. This obscure brand did little to market itself other than create a very strong product which is now being used by millions of users across the globe. A very strong service or product can be the USP of your business and give you the kind of visibility that would catapult your brand to the major league. Most online giants, whether Whatsapp or Facebook, have done little for marketing other than concentrate on developing a strong main offering.

Focus on visibility

Online visibility is important for any business, and you need proper promotional strategies with the aid of blog marketing, video marketing, e-mail marketing, article marketing, social networking, Search engine optimization (SEO) and more. Use pay per click advertising with control, and you will not have to strive for better visibility. Online PPC ads stay on for longer on Google cache and can be accessed by online users.

Tap into emotions

You will also like to tap into the emotions of your target consumer segment. Think about the Google Chromebook commercials, and you will instantly remember the young and trendy feel that they come with. It is one of the best examples of marketing strategies. The TVCs create a happy connect and show that the product is not only for the young, as it can be used by anyone. It is easy to use and comes with plenty of features and convenience. Keep in mind that purchase decisions are made on the basis of emotions, and when you just purchase decisions with reason consumers feel safer about the investment.

Develop a sense of urgency

You can find plenty of examples of companies that harp on limited bonus offers, limited supplies, and temporary price discounts to create a sense of urgency in their consumers and make them act quickly. Buyers, in general, tend to put off purchases unless they sense urgency, and deadlines or limited timelines make them take decisions very fast. This can give a big boost to your sales.


Create a comfort factor

Overall, you need to make your target section feel that they will make a comfortable choice once they opt for your services or products. Think about the ads of Samsung mobile phones. Other than class and elegance, just like Apple, their commercials also stress on how comfortable consumers feel when using the phones. Comfort and happiness other than affordability reign supreme on the minds of buyers, and you have to make consumers feel comfortable with the purchase.

Top 5 Examples of Marketing Strategies