It’s important to combine social media marketing networks together, and a good way to do that is to use Pinterest and integrate it with other networks. When you first set up your account, connect it with Facebook and Twitter using the tools available. Use that to find and invite the friends you already have to your Pinterest account.

* Cross-Promote: No matter what you share, it’s important to cross-promote as much as possible. As you do this, new people will start connecting with you.

* Make Your Blog Pin Worthy: When you write blog posts, include beautiful imagery with quotes and watermarks and a pin button so that people will then pin your posts on Pinterest.

* Add a Facebook Page Tab: Facebook and Pinterest can work together very well if you add a Facebook Page Tab for Pinterest on your Facebook pages. Link directly to your Pinterest account in this way.

Link to add Facebook Page Tab:

* Ask People to Connect : On all your social media accounts, announce your Pinterest presence and ask them to join you on your Pinterest account too. Make an announcement to join me on Pinterestî with a link.

* Use Promoted Posts : Get the word out about your Pinterest account by using promoted posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Use them to promote your Pinterest account so you can get more Pinterest followers.

* Turn Comments into Posts : When you get a positive comment, use software like to turn the positive comment into a meme. Make a pinboard with the positive comments and be sure to share them on other social media too.


* Put Links to Your Social Media Accounts in Your Email Signature : When people have signed up for your email list, they probably will enjoy being part of your business by signing up for your other social media accounts too.

* Make Updates a Little Different for Each Account : Don’t just use automation to send the same exact thing out to all you social media accounts. Change each a little bit so that those who have joined more than one list don’t feel spammed.

* Add Social Media Share Buttons to Email : Aside from linking to your social media accounts via email, offer social share buttons too. That way email readers can share the content with others, which will get you more subscribers.

Keeping all your accounts integrated with each other, but craft each update a little differently to make it unique for each social media account. Use automation carefully to avoid your followers feeling as if they’re reading the same thing over again. You want, as much as possible, to make each account a little different, but you want to share most of the same information. It will require creativity to do so.

Blending Your Pins into Your Other Marketing Methods