Blog Planning – 5 Tips To Plan Your Blog Successfully!

Blogging is the new way to build traffic and make money online. But how does your blog effectively create content so that you can generate the desired results? You can’t just slap up whatever comes to mind. That’s not going to get you anywhere. So let’s break down the various blog planning stages to see what you can do.

Blog Planning:

  1. Create a list of potential blog ideas topics.
  2. Do some SEO research.
  3. Stay on schedule with your editorial calendar.
  4. Create fantastic content.
  5. Promote your articles.

The planning stages will take you some time, but it’ll be worth it when you have a well-planned blog post or two readies.

Get Backlinks:

  1. Write a killer review on your favorite blog.
  2. Encourage other bloggers to do the same.
  3. Encourage others to talk about your review.
  4. Post the link on social media sites.

And, don’t forget to tweet it out.

Write Past Year’s Results: Look at your stats from last year. What did you learn? Is there anything you could have done differently? If so, what? You could write an article or blog post based on your findings.

Create An E-Book: You could write an e-book on your most popular niche. Then offer it as a download on your blog site. Next, tell your readers to download it for free. Then, tell your readers to download your book for free on your blog. Once they have it, they’ll feel like they’ve walked away from a successful business deal. In addition, your readers will feel like you’ve cared about them and helped them out.

Make Use Of Social Media: You can use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and StumbleUpon to promote your blog posts and other ideas. Make good use of these tools. For example, use your status bar to display your latest blog post. Have people comment on them and get them shared. You’ll increase traffic and get more readers to your posts and other content.

Create A Photo Album: Take a nice photo of your location, family, or child. Then, upload it to social media and share it with your readers. This method will give your blog an instant kickstart. With so many amazing photographers and other creatives, your readers will love to help you save all the beautiful memories from your past.

Plan Actionable Items: You need to have a plan of action so that your audience will want to help you make the incredible things you are dreaming about. Do you have an idea for a scavenger hunt? Ask your audience if they would like to participate. Do you have an idea to put together a fantastic bake sale? Plan some activities that could spark thoughts and ideas in your readers and help you generate more actionable items.

Run A Contest: A contest is a great way to bring new visitors to your blog. Everyone loves to win things. When you create a contest, you’ll have something new to add to your collection of great ways to engage your audience and generate buzz. In addition, when you do a contest, you’ll give people an excellent incentive to come to your blog and comment.

Write On A Niche: You’ll know if your blog is successful on a niche topic. For example, if you’re writing about pet care, you don’t want to write about makeup tips. People aren’t interested in that. Write on a particular niche. Your audience will love that you are writing about what they want.

Share Pictures: Share pictures of your blog visitors. You can post them on your own Facebook page or Twitter. Then, you can send them to your email list or your blog subscribers. This method is a great way to remind your readers to check back and see what’s new and what they can expect to find on your website.

Guest Post: If you have the time, write guest posts for other people’s blogs. This technique is a great way to show your expertise in your field of interest. Ask a relative or a friend to write for you. You can even offer them a higher pay-per-post rate if they agree to write for you.